6-8 year-olds Musical Theatre Song & Dance at CCAC (Thursdays 4:45-5:30p)



Full Year and Spring enrollments include recital fee.

Full Year: 30 weeks, $275.50 or $35.06/month for 8 months

Fall Only: 14 weeks, $122 or $31.75/month for 4 months

Spring Only: 16 weeks, $164.50 or $42.38/month for 4 months*

*Please note that we start our recital pieces in the Fall, but we do welcome new students in the Spring.

Save 10% with Multiple Siblings or Classes with code MultSibOrClass; see class policies.
Save 10% if you choose the Full Year option now.
Walk-over add-on service available from Fairview Clifton German Language School. Add-on and pay at check-out.

Class Description

Taught by the fantastic Kim Mann, Musical Theatre Song & Dance will begin with a vocal warm up that reinforces pitch, tempo, beat, stage presence, and vocal independence. Additional warm-up activities will teach stage direction, spatial awareness, coordination, vocal projection, rote learning, and stage etiquette.  Improvisation, memorization, and character voices will be explored through role playing.  Choreography and proper vocal production will be learned through song and dance.  Students will perform singing and dancing to a Broadway selection in the spring recital!
  • Any color jazz or ballet shoe is OK for class, but black will be required for Spring recital. Shoes are due second week of class.
  • Make sure to read the class policies for information regarding shoes and attire.

Please add one child at a time. Indicate at check-out names of each child, #1-5.

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