Shoe Borrowing Deposit


Tap, jazz, and ballet shoes are required no later than the second week.

We have a collection of used shoes that you may attempt to borrow for a $15 charge per pair. If we do not have the right size, we will refund your $15, and you must then purchase shoes by the next class.

Tap shoes may require you to provide your own laces or ribbon.


IMPORTANT: AT THE END OF THE SESSION, if you follow the procedure below, you can get $10 back!!!

  1. Return shoes on recital day.
  2. Shoes must be in good, reusable condition.
  3. They must be BOUND together by shoe strings or rubber band.
  4. You must label the shoes, preferably with PIECE OF PAPER ON INSIDE WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME.
  5. You must email [email protected] to request a $10 deposit return and specify check or PayPal, with address.

Should you need to find your own shoes, don’t worry! They can be as cheap as $10!

Please come back to this page and add the shoe type and size one at a time for each child, each technique, as needed.