Walk-Over Service from Fairview Clifton German Language School


Cost: $1 per day

Walk-on services are only available for the first (4:00pm) class each day because we do not offer babysitting. However, if your child is capable of waiting outside the classroom on his/her own, please contact us.

Add one walk-over service per child per class day.

(For example: If I have one daughter taking classes on Tues & Fri, and a son taking classes on Wed & Fri, I need to add four separate entries.)

Don’t forget to identify the children’s names in check-out/registration form.

NOTE FOR PAYMENT PLAN: if you are choosing payment plan for your classes, $5 WILL BE ADDED ON TO THE PRICE OF EACH WALK-ON SERVICE, then divided by 4 or 8 months depending on full or fall/spring when you are sent the payment plan link. Due to problems with this site, in the cart, it will show the regular pay-at-once fee.




We ask parents to communicate to their child(ren) (and as necessary, school teacher) that the child is to meet dance helpers at the COMMUNITY ROOM DOORS in Fairfield Clifton German Language School. Please, let us know if she/he is absent or not walking over with us that day. PLEASE NOTE: in the past, the rec center staff and programs have been confused with ours. If you have any concerns, please communicate with us directly (513.494.6526 text or call) and not through the school front office.

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