After School Dance


Parker Woods Montessori School

with MamLuft&Co. Dance

 – Sessions are offered in “half-semesters” (6-8 weeks). –
– Sign-up for a whole semester or whole year to save money (they’re priced $15 and $40 cheaper). –
– The second sessions of each semester will have a recital! –
– If you register for both the 3:40 and 4:40pm classes or have more than one child taking class, use the MultSibOrClass discount code to take 10% off. –

Our classes at Parker Woods Montessori School are only available to children enrolled at the school


3:40* to 4:40pm K-4th Grade Kids Bop
4:40* to 5:40 K-4th Modern & Creative Movement

*See below for clarifications


3:40pm  PWM teacher should bring dance students to the gym, where dance teacher will meet them

3:40-3:50pm Children may change in locker room, if needed

3:50-4:37pm Dance teacher will guide children to cafeteria stage (all belongings left in hallway to stage), then take dance class

4:37-4:40pm Children collect belongings and are brought back to the gym by the dance teacher

4:40pm Parents may pick up children from the entrance of the gym (NOT the cafeteria)


4:40pm Dance teacher will meet Modern & Creative Movement dance students in the gym. They can come here from the Y, other after school activities, or from home. We cannot be responsible for them during the first class, however, and they should not be left unattended. 

4:50pm Dance teacher will move children to the stage.

4:55pm Class will take place on the stage.

5:40pm Parents may pick up children from the FRONT ENTRANCE (not the cafeteria or the gym).

Please take note —

  • Parents who would like to observe class must silence and put away devices, refrain from taking or accepting any phone calls or text messages, minimize the area they take up (the stage is very small), assist with their children with behavioral issues, refrain from causing distractions or interrupting, and excuse themselves from the area if their child is unable to participate in class while their parent is present.
  • Parents who are observing may not walk to the stage area by themselves or sit in the cafeteria. They must enter the gym and be brought to the stage with the rest of the group.
  • Parents are allowed to wait the gym area (as long as there are no activities taking place there) before or after our classes.
  • The office will be closed after 4:00 p.m.

Schedule subject to change or cancelation based on registration numbers and other unforeseen factors. ML&Co. not responsible for lost deposits on other activities should you choose our classes over theirs. Revisions to protocol will be distributed by either Mr. Nared/PWM or ML&Co. — please watch email and take-home folders.

Session Dates

FALL 1: Sep 9 – Oct 14

(6 weeks)

FALL 2: Oct 28 – Dec 9

(6 weeks, plus recital, no class on Nov 11)

SPRING 1: Jan 6 – Mar 9

(7 weeks, no class on Jan 20, Feb 3, Feb 17)

SPRING 2: Mar 16 – May 4

(7 weeks, plus recital on 5/9, no class on Mar 23)