Shoe Borrowing Deposit


Tap, jazz, and ballet shoes are required no later than the second week. (Modern Dance is done barefoot. Kids Bop can wear their own clean, non-marking sneakers.)

  • We have a collection of used shoes in varying condition that you may borrow.
  • There is a $15 fee.
  • If we do not have the right size, we will refund your $15, and you must then purchase shoes by the next class.
  • At the end of the session or year recital, return the shoes by binding them together (via rubber band or shoe laces), with a slip of paper with your child’s name in them. Email [email protected], and we will return $10 to you!

Tap shoes may require you to provide your own laces or ribbon.

Should you need to buy your own shoes, they can be as cheap as $10!

Please come back to this page and add the shoe type and size one at a time for each child, each technique, as needed. This option is also available in each class’s sign-up page.


Child’s first name

Child’s last name

What size? (Indicate if it’s toddler sizing.)