Walk-Over Service from Clifton Area Neighborhood School

From: $4.25 / month for 4 months and a $5.00 sign-up fee

Cost: $1 per day (+$5 for payment plan, if using)

Walk-over services are only available for the first (4:00pm) class each day, because we do not offer babysitting while children wait for later classes. However, if your child is in a later class and capable of waiting outside the classroom on his/her own, please contact us. Children must be enrolled in after school enrichment classes at CANS to bridge the time between the school’s dismissal and the start of our dance classes.

Add one walk-over service at a time, one per child per class day.

(For example: If I have one daughter taking classes on Tues & Fri, and a son taking classes on Wed & Fri, I need to add four separate entries.)


Children enrolled in this service will be brought by CANS PTO to meet our dance instructor at approximately 3:40pm as she walks by to get to Fairview. Children will walk with her to pick up other children at Fairview, and then go to Bethel for classes..

YOUR CHILD NEEDS to be on our list, so please do not send your child there unless you have enrolled in this.

Parents are responsible for communicating with school teachers and CANS PTO that your child will be collected at the right place and time. Please do not have them come there too early.

Please let us know if they missed school that day. You can text us at 513-494-6526.

If you have any issues, please contact us directly at 513.494.MLCo (6526)…we have been frequently confused with the Rec Center and will erroneously say that we’ve already left or didn’t come at all, etc.

If your child is enrolled in one of our dance classes that begins after 4:00pm, note that we DO NOT have a staff member on duty to babysit while children wait for their later classes. If you would still like to purchase the walkover service add-on, you must trust that your child can behave quietly and respectfully in the hallway by themselves.


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