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When you think of MamLuft&Co. Dance, think of the many people we profoundly affect.

When you give a tax-deductible donation to MamLuft&Co. Dance, you are giving a gift to many people:

  • families who need an affordable entry into dance,
  • people who are transported to another world in the theatre,
  • a child whose parents cannot afford summer camp,
  • and young professional artists who need a place to make art.


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MamLuft&Co. Dance works to enhance lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and beyond through education, outreach, and performance of Modern Dance and related art forms. We aim to do accessible, innovative, and palpable work.


We aim to bring more Modern Dance and a better understanding of it to more people in Cincinnati and beyond. In turn, we also provide working and developmental opportunities to a resident company of professional artists.

As a publicly-supported non-profit, we depend on supporters like you to fuel our mission to bring more Modern Dance to more people in Cincinnati and beyond.


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Sponsorships should be received one month in advance to appear in our event programs and earlier to appear in publicity materials (please contact us for details).

Mam-Luft and Company Dance, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible. Quid pro quo tax laws which require a deduction of any goods or services received in return. Visit or consult your tax professional for more information on deducting your contributions, and contact us directly if you choose not to accept perks.

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